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After CRM Implementation: Keeping Your Data Clean

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So you’ve spent the right amount of time and money to clean up your data, and have had a successful CRM implementation.

But remember: The work doesn’t stop the minute you hit Go.

Free Webinar: ROI from CRM – 3 Takeaways in 30 Minutes

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Join me for a quick 30-minute webinar on June 23, 2-2:30 ET, based on my new book ROI for CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology.

Clean Data: A Necessity in CRM

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Before implementing a new CRM, most companies think they have their arms around their data, but when they really dive in, they realize their data is all over the place. Multiple salespeople with the same contacts, spelling issues, no connections between contacts and companies – you name it.

How to Get ‘Sales Cowboys’ to Buy-In to CRM

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It is always difficult to get everyone on-board with new technology. CRM is no exception. In fact, distributors, reps and manufacturers often face a challenge in getting “sales cowboys” to embrace CRM. Some worry that Big Brother wants to look over their shoulders. Some just resist a change to their regular routines.

Introducing Our New Book: ROI from CRM

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ROI from CRM BookI’m excited to announce my new book, ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology, is now available from MDM. Order your copy here.

My goal with this book was to provide simple yet effective strategies to get the most from customer relationship management. When you read this book, you will learn how to approach CRM as a system for leveraging knowledge throughout your business, and gain an edge with a revamped sales process and engaged team.

Take Your Time: The Value of a Phased Approach to CRM

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One of the most common reasons that CRM fails for industrial sales organizations is because they try to do too much, too quickly.

I encourage you to start slow and grow. Don’t try to do everything at once.

Are Manufacturer Visits a Pain Point for Your Company?

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Manufacturer visits can be a pain point for distributors. The good (and maybe for some, surprising) news: They can be managed with your CRM system.

How CRM is Like an Iceberg

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There’s more to success with CRM than your initial investment in a system. In fact, the cost in time and money can be up to four to seven times that of the software itself, depending on what you want to roll out to your team.

Want Buy-In on CRM? Ask Your Team for Feedback

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I’m a big believer in training not only on the How but also on the Why of sales process and CRM.

What Are Your Company’s Top Obstacles to CRM Success?

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On this blog, we’ve covered 10 of the most common reasons that CRM fails – or isn’t as successful as it could be. Those include a murky management vision, not getting your top guns involved, trying to do too much too soon rather than easing into the new system, and not understanding the Total Cost of Ownership, including training requirements, from the start. (Read more about common reasons CRM fails.)

But every company has its own Achilles heel.

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