SalesProcess360 wants to help industrial sales organizations get ROI from CRM. We do this by working with companies at all stages of CRM, from CRM selection to ongoing training long after implementation.

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CRM Audits

The SalesProcess360 CRM Audit will help you identify gaps in your sales processes and what it will take to fill those gaps. The result: a clearly defined plan for ROI from CRM based on your company’s true needs. Learn more.

“SalesProcess360’s CRM Audit program was very worthwhile for us. We gathered a sampling of employees from various departments within our company, and spent a solid day and a half with Brian and his staff. They helped us to identify gaps in our processes and define a road map to move forward. As we move towards our CRM implementation, having a solid sales process in place will surely prove to be beneficial. Brian also helped us to better understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the CRM implementation process.” – Scott Schoepf, vice president of sales and marketing, Triad Technologies

CRM Evaluations

Invite us to join your CRM selection team. We can help you define specifications, make the most of software demos and identify providers that will meet your needs.

“Brian Gardner was very helpful in our assessment of readiness for CRM implementation. In addition to providing insights to the potential pitfalls of implementation, he helped our team understand the metrics that evaluate and measure the ROI obtained from CRM, and management commitment required to change the way that our organization works. As a result, we can better deliver value to our customers while improving our sales and marketing productivity.” – Wallace Lueders, director of business development, REXA Inc.

CRM Coaching

Training is not a one-time event. After you’ve implemented CRM (or if you’ve had it in place for years), continue reinforcing the importance of the system and how your team and company benefits. We offer remote and in-person coaching for your team, with monthly or quarterly review sessions that analyze input, output, KPIs and action plans to ensure you are getting ROI from CRM.

“Upon taking over the company 16 months ago, Brian has been very active in providing training and coaching to my sales team.  Brian lives and breathes CRM and through his hands-on experiences in his career he coaches in a practical way with the team.  His passion and enthusiasm toward CRM are evident every time we interact with him. CRM is a strategic weapon for the business and Brian is helping us lead the charge.” – Skip Tierno, President, Ham-Let, supplier of industrial and high-tech compression fittings and valves

CRM Implementation

We can help you minimize the speed bumps and maximize team buy-in during your CRM implementation. Keep costs down from vendors that want to get the most from you while getting the most from your new system from day one.

CRM Management Training

CRM success depends on management buy-in and leadership during implementation and beyond. We augment the vendor’s user training with a focus on the WHY of CRM and not just the HOW.

Or download our speaker profile/topics brochure.

“Brian Gardner, founder of SalesProcess360, is a dynamic and engaging speaker. We have had the pleasure of working with Brian for many years at our annual event and in our webinar series. He is a proven and valuable resource to our membership. The audience always gives Brian high ratings and asks the planning committee to invite him for encore presentations. His material is timely and resonates with the audience of manufacturing and channel partner industry executives. Mr. Gardner’s interactive presentation style provides the audience with actionable ideas that can be implemented within their own company.” – Teresa Sebring, President, Measurement, Control & Automation Association

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