3 Tips for Selecting a CRM Vendor

3 Tips for Selecting a CRM Vendor

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CRM has become a commodity due in part to the rise of cloud-based offerings, which have made the technology cheaper and easier to develop and adopt.

But while CRM is increasingly accessible to companies of all sizes, the growth in offerings has made CRM vendor selection that much more difficult for the average distribution, rep or manufacturing business.

Here are three tips for selecting a CRM vendor to ensure you get ROI from CRM:

  • Build the solution around your business. Your goal should be to identify and fill any gaps in your sales process with CRM. Remember, getting ROI from CRM is about process, not just technology.
  • View your CRM provider as a partner. You will be working with this vendor for several years. If you don’t feel comfortable with the vendor in the evaluation stage, it’s probably not going to get better after implementation.
  • Take vendor-provided references with a grain of salt. Word of mouth or references provided by your industry peers may be worth more. In the end, use references to confirm, not make, your decision.

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