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How to Make the Most of CRM Software Demos

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With so many options to choose from, selecting the CRM system that best fits your company can be time-consuming and exhausting.

The key: Build a solution around your business, not just what the vendor offers. Sure, their software may have plenty of bells and whistles, but if those added features don’t cater to the needs of your company (or worse, if they’re inefficient and distracting), there’s no reason to invest in them.

Free Webinar: Proactive Sales Opportunity Management – 3 Takeaways in 30 Minutes

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Reed StithJoin Reed Stith, our newest addition to the SalesProcess360 team, for a quick 30-minute webinar on sales opportunity management on Oct. 28 at 11-11:30 ET.

In this webinar, Stith will provide three practical insights to guide your team as it shifts from a reactive to a proactive mindset when it comes to acting on sales opportunities in both existing and new accounts.

Did you miss this webinar? Register and watch it on-demand!

What’s Wrong with Managing at the Quote Stage of the Sales Cycle?

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At SalesProcess360, we put a premium on processes around the front end of the sales cycle, which includes lead and opportunity management.

Quotes and orders make up the back-end of the sales cycle, and that is where most distribution companies spend their time.

What’s wrong with managing at the quote stage?

Not Getting What You Want From CRM? Recommit to Training

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Training is important when you’re first embarking on a CRM journey. But if you’ve had CRM in place for several years and you’re still not seeing the results you want, it’s not too late to train.

The Pitfalls of CRM: Why Aren’t You Getting ROI? [Video]

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In my speaking engagements, I frequently ask the audience whether they have implemented CRM. And then I ask who feels they are getting ROI from CRM? Very few say they are getting ROI – maybe 10 percent of the room on average.

So why aren’t companies getting what they want out of CRM? What are the common pitfalls?

MDM Webcast: 3 Dos and Don’ts to Transform Your Sales Process

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Join me for a free MDM Webcast, ROI from CRM: 3 Dos and Don’ts to Transform Your Sales Process, on Aug. 25 at 1 p.m. ET.

The webcast is the first in a quarterly series from MDM and is based on my book, ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology.

SalesProcess360 Featured in Two Popular Industry Podcasts

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I was recently featured in two top industry podcasts, talking about how distributors and manufacturer reps can get ROI from CRM.

Let Sales Process Drive Your CRM Wish List [Video]

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I frequently will ask my clients early in their CRM evaluations to provide me with what they want from CRM. What I frequently get back is a long list of features. This includes linking with Outlook, web-based, mobile capability and so on. These features are all great, but I urge you to take another step back and focus first on the processes you want to improve with CRM. Frame your wish list with these needs in mind.

3 Tips for Selecting a CRM Vendor

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CRM has become a commodity due in part to the rise of cloud-based offerings, which have made the technology cheaper and easier to develop and adopt.

How to Access ROI from CRM Webinar On-Demand

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If you missed the recent SalesProcess360 webinar, ROI from CRM: 3 Takeaways in 30 Minutes, access the on-demand video here.

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