What We Do

Whether you use or are considering Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Selltis or any other system, we can help you get ROI from CRM. We offer services to help industrial sales organizations at every stage of CRM, from vendor selection and specifications to ongoing training. Call 504-957-8499 or email [email protected] to talk about how your company can get the most from CRM.

CRM Specification

Using our CRM Audit, we'll identify your company's true needs and map a custom plan for CRM success.

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CRM Evaluation

Invite us to join your CRM selection team. We can help you define specifications, make the most of demos and identify providers.

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CRM Implementation

Using our "start slow and grow" approach, we'll work with your company to ensure your implementation is a success.

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CRM Coaching

We'll work with your team on the basic blocking and tackling that we have found companies need to get to the next level in their businesses.

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Latest Insights

Is Your CRM Consultant Platform-Agnostic?   

For a variety of reasons, most service providers (VARs and integrators) are closely affiliated with a major CRM company. Often, it’s for the installed base access. In this relationship, the company hands over a list of customers (installed base), usually in a geographic t

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Who Can Drive Your CRM Project – and Who Should? 

One of the most common reasons customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives fall short of expectations is not having a point person who takes ownership. More specifically, it’s the lack of a dedicated leader who can drive the process from a sales management perspect

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In Search of Hidden ROI? Don’t Overlook Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a challenge for most technical companies. In my 30-plus years as a hiring manager in the industrial automation business it took, on average, three months to learn the product and application basics. Even with three to five years’ experience, it took six mont

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SalesProcess360 Videos featuring Brian Gardner

Get insights based on decades of experience in industrial markets, including why you should think beyond outside sales, how to take a proactive approach to sales opportunities and how to let sales process drive your CRM wish list.

What Our Clients Say

Michel Portelance

"We found great value working with SalesProcess360. It was money well spent. I would encourage anyone that wants to implement CRM in their business to get SP360 involved early.”

Michel Portelance, Laurentide Controls

Chuck Hakala

"The audit was incredibly eye-opening for everybody in the organization …. It also reinforced the confidence of adoption factor for our managers.”

Chuck Hakala, Caltrol Inc.

Cheryl Fulton

"Brian Gardner's deep industry experience was very helpful during the onboarding and implementation process. He understands what an account manager needs out in the field."

Cheryl Fulton, Operations Manager, OTC Industrial Technologies

Brad Fisher

“I would highly recommend SP360 as the technical lead and driving factor behind a CRM implementation ... They have expertise and capabilities to leverage software to become a better professional sales organization.”

Brad Fisher, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Experitec

Doug Baker

"Founder Brian Gardner understands the challenges of industrial sales because of his extensive management experience in the field. This gives him a unique ability to explore and analyze problems and suggest solutions."

Doug Baker, Teledyne

Joe Incontri

"If you are a distributor, representative or manufacturer in the industrial equipment sector, you will benefit greatly from SalesProcess360's insights on sales management and customer information systems optimization."

Joe Incontri, Krohne Inc.