CRM and Sales Process Coaching

Most companies have the processes and visibility at the back-end order and process stage of their businesses but lack on the front end.

SalesProcess360 helps industrial sales companies (reps/distributors/manufacturers) put in place processes at the front end of the sales cycle for lead and opportunity management.

We believe this is critical to growing your business and an area that can give companies a competitive edge in today’s market.

We have a 3- to 6-month program that is focused on the basic blocking and tackling processes that we have found most companies do not have in place that they need to get to the next level in their business.

Our goal after 3 to 6 months is to turn the program over to the sales and management team.

“Upon my taking over the company 16 months ago, Brian has been very active in providing training and coaching to my sales team.  Brian lives and breathes CRM and through his hands-on experiences in his career he coaches in a practical way with the team.  His passion and enthusiasm toward CRM are evident every time we interact with him. CRM is a strategic weapon for the business and Brian is helping us lead the charge.” – Skip Tierno, President, Ham-Let, supplier of industrial and high-tech compression fittings and valves

This is not a “quick and get rich” scheme or “Rah- Rah” session. This is a proven sale-focused process that has worked for many companies. We will work with your current sales team system (CRM) or recommend one that will be a fit for your business.

The coaching program will focus on these areas:
  • Opportunity Management
  •  Quoting & Follow-up Process
  •  Target Account Profiling/Matrix Mapping
  •  Growth Opportunities (Proactive)
  •  Load Goals
  •  Sales KPIs and Scorecards
  • Team Selling (Sharing and Leveraging Knowledge)

No matter the CRM platform, we can help.

Interested in learning more? Call or email us today to learn more or to get started:

SalesProcess360 Videos featuring Brian Gardner

Get insights based on decades of experience in industrial markets, including why you should think beyond outside sales, how to take a proactive approach to sales opportunities and how to let sales process drive your CRM wish list.