CRM and Data

Is Your CRM Consultant Platform-Agnostic?   

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For a variety of reasons, most service providers (VARs and integrators) are closely affiliated with a major CRM company. Often, it’s for the installed base access. In this relationship, the company hands over a list of customers (installed base), usually in a geographic territory, so the provider can service the accounts, push modifications, and new add-on capabilities. However, CRM systems are not all the same, and they don’t carry the same feature functionality. Users must be careful to use platform-agnostic providers to get the best form, fit, and functions in their CRM solution. This approach is critical to preventing trips and costly false starts.  

Who Can Drive Your CRM Project – and Who Should? 

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One of the most common reasons customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives fall short of expectations is not having a point person who takes ownership. More specifically, it’s the lack of a dedicated leader who can drive the process from a sales management perspective rather than just a technical one. 

How Will AI Enhance CRM?

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At a recent training session of Texas, A&M Industrial Distribution students, a question came up that I believe is important to a lot of people evaluating the CRM space with possible fit into their enterprise. The question was “how will AI be used in the development of CRM products and solutions?”

An insightful question considering the intense power of AI and how it may directly impact and transform the customer – supplier relationship.

How Dashboards Can Provide Your Sales Team with a Dynamics 360-Degree View

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Actionable, process-oriented dashboards provide visibility to critical information needed to manage all stages of the sales process from lead to after sale follow up. Dashboards let you see every step of the sales process even how you are performing on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

CRM Data Drives Better Business Decisions

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Most companies – typically more than 90% of companies with CRM that I talk to during presentations and association roundtable events – don’t feel like they are getting a return on their investment in CRM.

CRM is a wonderful tool for making better business decisions

In Quote Management, All RFPs Are NOT Created Equal

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I spoke last week at the Sales GPS Executive Workshop in Austin, hosted by MDM and Indian River Consulting Group. I talked with distribution leaders there about how many distribution companies proudly consider themselves to be quoting machines. 

After CRM Implementation: Keeping Your Data Clean

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So you’ve spent the right amount of time and money to clean up your data, and have had a successful CRM implementation.

But remember: The work doesn’t stop the minute you hit Go.

Clean Data: A Necessity in CRM

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Before implementing a new CRM, most companies think they have their arms around their data, but when they really dive in, they realize their data is all over the place. Multiple salespeople with the same contacts, spelling issues, no connections between contacts and companies – you name it.


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