CRM Implementation Support

Very few industrial sales organizations feel like they are getting ROI from CRM.

SalesProcess360 can work with your company to ensure that your CRM implementation is a success. We follow a “start slow and grow” philosophy. We believe that if you do too much too soon, you risk confusing and overwhelming your team. Instead, we use our CRM Audit – a systematic approach that will help you get ROI from CRM by identifying and prioritizing processes you can improve using CRM.

The resulting road map will guide your CRM implementation. This ensures that you don’t move to the next step in your CRM implementation until your company and team are ready.

“SalesProcess360’s CRM Audit program was very worthwhile for us. We gathered a sampling of employees from various departments within our company, and spent a solid day and a half with Brian and his staff. They helped us to identify gaps in our processes and define a road map to move forward. As we move towards our CRM implementation, having a solid sales process in place will surely prove to be beneficial. Brian also helped us to better understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the CRM implementation process.” – Scott Schoepf, vice president of sales and marketing, Triad Technologies

We also work with your management and sales team to ensure buy-in, critical to success with CRM.

SalesProcess360 is happy to help you map out your CRM journey, whether you already have a CRM system or you’re just getting started.

No matter the CRM platform, we can help.

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