Lead Management

How Dashboards Can Provide Your Sales Team with a Dynamics 360-Degree View

Roger Van Nuis No Comments

Actionable, process-oriented dashboards provide visibility to critical information needed to manage all stages of the sales process from lead to after sale follow up. Dashboards let you see every step of the sales process even how you are performing on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Don’t Let Your Leads Fall Into a Black Hole

Brian Gardner No Comments

Where do you get your leads from, and how do you know they are qualified?

Leads are the start of the sales cycle. They are part of what I call the front end of the sales process (along with opportunities). A lead is a broadly defined term that includes potential customers that may have shown interest in your products and services. Key word here is interest. At this stage, the lead is not yet qualified. You may refer to them as prospects.


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