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CRM is increasingly accessible to companies of all sizes, but the growth in offerings has made CRM vendor selection that much more difficult for the average distribution, rep or manufacturing business.

Invite SalesProcess360 to join your CRM selection team. We can help you define specifications, make the most of software demos and identify providers that will meet your needs.

To get ROI from CRM, we believe you should build the CRM solution around your business. Your goal should be to identify and fill any gaps in your sales process with CRM. Remember, getting ROI from CRM is about process, not just technology.

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“Brian Gardner was very helpful in our assessment of readiness for CRM implementation. In addition to providing insights to the potential pitfalls of implementation, he helped our team understand the metrics that evaluate and measure the ROI obtained from CRM, and management commitment required to change the way that our organization works. As a result, we can better deliver value to our customers while improving our sales and marketing productivity.” – Wallace Lueders, director of business development, REXA Inc.

SalesProcess360 is happy to sit on your CRM evaluation team. Contact us today to learn more.

No matter the CRM platform, we can help.

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