Happily Ever After: Tips for a Strong Union Between You and Your CRM Vendor

Happily Ever After: Tips for a Strong Union Between You and Your CRM Vendor

Happily Ever After: Tips for a Strong Union Between You and Your CRM Vendor

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I often tell companies searching for a CRM vendor that finding the right CRM partner – and building a long-lasting, successful relationship with them – is a lot like a marriage. Here are some tips to make that “marriage” strong:

The “dating” stage can tell you a lot. During the courting process, evaluate how well the vendor follows up on what it says it will do and whether or not it meets deadlines. During the evaluation stage, the vendor will be on its best behavior; if you’re not satisfied with its performance at that point, expect to be even more disappointed in the future.

Communication is key in any relationship, and this holds true for the connection between you and your CRM vendor. Be open with your vendor about your goals, concerns and potential roadblocks. In return, you should expect your vendor to be open with you about how the features of the software it’s selling may or may not meet your needs. If your vendor is not forthcoming with this information, or if it doesn’t do a good job of communicating its own plans for the future, proceed with caution.

You’ll need to work through challenges together, for better or for worse. Companies that implement new CRM systems successfully do so in stages and through an iterative process, making adjustments as they go along. Your CRM vendor should embrace this, setting up the system in a way that accommodates a phased implementation and sticking around to help even when things don’t go as planned. In turn, you’ll need to do your best to keep your workforce optimistic, engaged and constructive throughout the process.

Your partner should help you grow. A good CRM vendor or consultant should use their outside perspective to bring in new ideas and challenge your company’s status quo. This will help you to make the meaningful change that will help your company grow.

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