CRM Survey Now Open – Deadline Nov. 3

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CRM Survey Now Open – Deadline Nov. 3

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Some industrial sales organizations are getting great ROI on their CRM investments, while others continue to struggle. What factors separate these two groups?

To find the answer, SalesProcess360 has partnered with Modern Distribution Management to administer a short survey to distributors, manufacturers and manufacturers’ reps. The survey –available to anyone whether you’re in the CRM assessment, implementation or post-implementation stage – will search for industry-specific answers to questions like:

  • Which CRM platforms are being used, and which features are the most important?
  • What strategies do the most successful companies employ to encourage high CRM adoption rates?
  • What factors correlate with healthy ROI among CRM adopters?

Survey participants will receive a free results report compiled by SalesProcess360.

>>> Take the survey here: <<<

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