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Industrial Sales Management Peer Groups

Minimum Time, Maximum Value

A common denominator among successful sales managers is the desire to always learn and make adjustments in this ever-changing sales environment. Our facilitated Industrial Sales Management Peer Groups feature a once-monthly session via conference call/web among non-competing sales managers where you can share and learn best practices from your peers in the industry. In addition to this, your membership gets you private access to our industrial sales management experts each month, as well as additional resources to elevate your sales.

Download a brochure: SalesProcess360 – Peer Group Overview

Contact our ISMPG coordinator to learn more or join today: Call 281-783-9312 or Email Mandi Gomez


We also offer customized CRM best practices roundtables for associations and buying groups. Contact us to learn more. Are you an AHTD member? Click here to learn more about our newest exclusive group.

Hear more about this valuable opportunity from SalesProcess360 Founder Brian Gardner in the below video:

Overview of ISMPG Program

  • $199/month per individual. Additional members from same company $99/month. Limited to 10 – 12 non-competing members. Distributors and manufacturers are represented in different groups.
  • Monthly web/conference call session (1 to 2 hours) facilitated by an industrial sales management expert from SalesProcess360 to ensure maximum knowledge exchange and follow-up. Calls feature best practice topics, including: sales KPIs, target accounts, sales goals, dashboards, etc. Sessions are recorded for member use.
  • Each member will alternate bringing a challenge or question to the group for feedback from their peers.
  • Private coaching sessions between peer group meetings. Call SalesProcess360 to discuss any sales-related topic for one-on-one feedback. Up to 1 hour per month at no additional fee.
  • LinkedIn private group to document meetings, supporting material and knowledge base and to continue the conversation.
  • Periodic email reminders on action items discussed during the peer meetings.
  • Periodic phone calls with ideas to think about between meetings.

So why should you consider the ISMPG program?

Sharing and leveraging knowledge is the key to growth. What better way to do this than with a group of your peers? And with our experience and focus on the industrial sales market, you will take home practical ideas to your business that you can implement immediately, providing you with maximum value for minimum time.

Contact our ISMPG coordinator to learn more or join today: Call 281-783-9312 or Email Mandi Gomez


“The value I get for the time and cost of this program, I could not find another venue that gives me the ideas to take back to my sales team that this peer group provides.” – Chip Toth, JCI Industries

“SalesProcess360 has assembled a very relevant group of peers so that we have a high degree of overlap in terms of the industries we serve, the challenges we have with sales, distribution and marketing, and the resources we have (or don’t have) to address these challenges.” – Reed Stith

“Brian understands the challenges of industrial sales because of his extensive management experience in the field. This gives him a unique ability to explore and analyze problems and suggest solutions.” – Doug Baker, Teledyne

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