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CRM Implementation

Introducing Our New Book: ROI from CRM

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ROI from CRM BookI’m excited to announce my new book, ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology, is now available from MDM. Order your copy here.

My goal with this book was to provide simple yet effective strategies to get the most from customer relationship management. When you read this book, you will learn how to approach CRM as a system for leveraging knowledge throughout your business, and gain an edge with a revamped sales process and engaged team.

Take Your Time: The Value of a Phased Approach to CRM

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One of the most common reasons that CRM fails for industrial sales organizations is because they try to do too much, too quickly.

I encourage you to start slow and grow. Don’t try to do everything at once.

How CRM is Like an Iceberg

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There’s more to success with CRM than your initial investment in a system. In fact, the cost in time and money can be up to four to seven times that of the software itself, depending on what you want to roll out to your team.

With CRM, Start with the End in Mind

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As discussed on this blog, it’s important to start slow and grow (see #5 in this blog post), and ease your company and team into CRM. That means picking just a few priorities at most to focus on at each phase of your implementation. When you feel like your team has embraced the functionality in Phase 1, move to the next phase and so on.

Why CRM is a Revenue Generator – Not a Cost

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Many industrial distributors, reps and manufacturers tend to view any kind of technology investment as a cost. Part of that stems from the need to budget the investment, which is typically done under the eye of the CFO.

The Role of Your Sales Top Guns in CRM Implementations

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In the past few blog posts on SalesProcess360, we’ve addressed the sometimes difficult transition companies have to make when they decide to move forward on a CRM project.

In this post, we talk about the importance of getting what I call your “top guns” involved in CRM implementations.

Why CRM Initiatives Fall Short (Part 2)

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This is Part 2 of a two-part series of blogs on the most c­ommon reasons that CRM does not deliver the ROI industrial distributors and manufacturers expect. Read Part 1 here.

Why CRM Initiatives Fall Short (Part 1)

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This is Part 1 of a two-part series of blogs on the most common reasons CRM does not deliver the ROI industrial distributors, reps and manufacturers are looking for.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a system for sharing and leveraging your team’s data and knowledge. It’s about process, and technology helps to automate that. But as is frequently reported, many companies find they don’t get what they want out of a CRM system. I’ve seen this in my one-to-one work with industrial distributors, reps and manufacturers, and I have heard this from many of the professionals I’ve spoken with at industry events.


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