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SalesProcess360 helps industrial sales organizations get ROI from CRM. We believe it’s about process, not just technology. We work with companies at all stages of CRM, from CRM selection to ongoing training long after implementation. We offer CRM audits, evaluations, implementation coaching and management training. We also offer coaching on sales process. Learn more about our full suite of services here.

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Meet the Team

Brian Gardner, Founder

Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner, the founder of SalesProcess360, is the author of ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology, which pulls from his more than 25 years of experience in sales management and CRM. He served as a sales manager for a major regional industrial rep/distribution company for 15 years before he built Selltis, an industrial sales team CRM solution with roots in process improvement. He took his passion for sales process improvement to the speaking and coaching world with SalesProcess360. He is also a Subject Matter Expert in CRM at Texas A&M University.

Gardner believes getting ROI out of CRM doesn’t have to be complicated. To gain an edge on the competition, companies simply need to focus on effective yet basic processes to manage the blocking and tackling aspects of selling. He works with companies to take a systematic approach to implementing and using CRM by identifying needs and mapping out a plan to meet them, utilizing not just the outside sales team, but all touch points with the customer.

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Reed Stith, Growth Evangelist

Reed Stith

Reed Stith, Growth Evangelist for SalesProcess360, has spent over 30 years in industrial sales and marketing, working with and for manufacturers and distributors in industries such as fluid power, factory and process automation, welding, power transmission, specialty chemicals and building products. He was the Group Marketing Manager for Parker Hannifin and a chief architect of the ParkerStore initiative. He also worked for Rockwell Automation, and served as an adjunct professor and post-graduate executive education instructor at Texas A&M University.

He specializes in helping companies identify and fill gaps in their growth plans, from new product development and sales and channel strategy to marketing communications and lead generation. His passion is connecting the dots between high-level strategy and direction and on-the-ground personal goal setting, priority and time management, and accountability for execution. He has an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

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