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MDM Webcast: 3 Dos and Don’ts to Transform Your Sales Process

MDM Webcast: 3 Dos and Don’ts to Transform Your Sales Process

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Join me for a free MDM Webcast, ROI from CRM: 3 Dos and Don’ts to Transform Your Sales Process, on Aug. 25 at 1 p.m. ET.

The webcast is the first in a quarterly series from MDM and is based on my book, ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology.

In the first of the series, I’ll present dos and don’ts that will help you think differently about the sales process in your business. I’ll also look at how a focus on the front end of the sales process will help you uncover and convert more sales opportunities.

Reading this after the event? Use this link to access on-demand.

Eric Smith, associate editor of MDM, recently wrote about how distributors can get the most from technology in a blog post on mdm.com previewing the webcast. Read that here: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CRM?

Also check out my recent blog post on mdm.com: Let Sales Process Drive Your CRM Wish List

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