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Featured in MDM: ROI from CRM and Being Honest with Yourself

Featured in MDM: ROI from CRM and Being Honest with Yourself

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MDM recently spoke with me about getting the most from your existing technology for its annual Distribution Trends Special Issue, out now at mdm.com. I spoke with Associate Editor Eric Smith about the importance of starting with processes, not systems, when considering new technology.

One important piece of advice: Be honest with yourself from the beginning. “Look at your current processes for each of your departments. Be true to yourself and try to figure out where your gaps are. Where are your inefficiencies?” I told MDM’s readers. How can technology help you bridge those gaps?

Read the full article at mdm.com: Increase ROI from Existing Technology

Learn more about how to get ROI from CRM in my new book, ROI from CRM: It’s About Sales Process, Not Just Technology.

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