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Want Buy-In on CRM? Ask Your Team for Feedback

Want Buy-In on CRM? Ask Your Team for Feedback

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I’m a big believer in training not only on the How but also on the Why of sales process and CRM.

And that training should not be a one-time event. After initial training on everything from a new process to an entire CRM system, hold regular half-hour to an hour Q&A training sessions once a week or every other week. Ask your team to provide feedback on what’s working, and what’s not.

Rather than feeling like they have been thrown to the wolves, your team will appreciate that you’re asking for their feedback, based on using the new process or system from the front lines.

But don’t just take their feedback. Actually use it to modify your system or processes, completing the feedback loop. After all, you may not have thought about everything from the start. Chances are you didn’t. Integrating that flexibility and responsiveness into your processes will ensure your team will embrace new initiatives going forward.

That’s money and time well spent.

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